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In order for Liza to cope with the impending death of her estranged mother, she retreats to a 70’s variety show in her mind where the all-powerful host is Liza’s own mother, Rosa who leads a cast of people from Liza’s past and present, all a jumble in her mind. 

In Liza’s head, Rosa appears as the host of a 70s variety show with all the bravado and pizazz of Phyllis Diller, Bea Arthur, and Rosemary Clooney. Rosa sings, and dances, and yuks it up, all in Liza’s imagination; the moments of their lives playing out in sketches and song, since they can’t seem to connect at all in reality without the conversation blowing up or falling apart.

The facts


Two Worlds Collide,

One Song at a Time

Starring Wendie Malick, MOTHER OF ALL SHOWS is directed by Melissa D’Agostino, who co-stars as Rosa’s daughter, Liza. With a script by Melissa D’Agostino and David James Brock, featuring original songs, MOTHER OF ALL SHOWS is a singing, dancing, high-concept film about family trauma, mental health, and the ties that bind mothers and daughters.

The mission


Lights! Trauma! Action!

In real life, Rosa sits in a longterm care home while her estranged daughter decides if she will visit after 2 years of separation. She feels betrayed by Liza; no matter how she tries, she can’t seem to connect with her daughter or understand why they are at an impasse.

All of their favourite TV sketches unfold: The Mating Game, The Sexy Priest Confessional, The Cooking Segment: each one opens a wound, forcing them to confront the limitations of their relationship. Scene by scene, song by song, Liza works through their past in an attempt to see her mother without losing herself in the process.

Is there hope for this mother and daughter in real life?

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