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Deadline - Wendie Malick To Star In Musical ‘Mother Of All Shows

"EXCLUSIVE: Two-time Emmy nominee Wendie Malick (Young Sheldon, Hot in Cleveland) has signed on to star alongside Melissa D’Agostino in her feature directorial debut Mother of All Shows, which will enter production in Ontario this week, and will ultimately be made available on her Canadian VOD subscription service HighballTV.

The musical penned by D’Agostino and David James Brock centers on Liza (D’Agostino), a woman who retreats to a ’70s variety show in her mind as she struggles to cope with the impending death of her estranged mother, Rosa (Malick). Her mother presents as the show’s all-powerful host, leading an all-singing, all-dancing cast of players from Liza’s past and present, such that scene by scene, song by song, Liza is able to work through parts of their past without losing herself in the process."

Read the full article on Deadline:

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